DVDs Now Available on Amazon!

Good news, Trisket and Bisket fans! You now have another way to buy our DVDs, as they are now also available on Amazon.com. Check out the Super Fun World storefront on Amazon!

Created by a Psychologist and Teacher!

For years now, twin sisters Linnea Cohn and Sarah Alfaro have been creating together. First it was co-owning a healthy cafe and bakery, and now it is Super Fun World. Separately but simultaneously, Sarah and Linnea explored ways to teach in an entertaining fashion — where students and clients learned about themselves and the world while fully engaging in the learning process. They have brought this expertise to Super Fun World’s DVDs so that kids can explore concepts of sharing and balance while having tons of fun!

Grandpas Rule!

Though National Grandparents Day is a ways off (Sept. 13th to be exact) we think any day is a great day to appreciate grandpas everywhere — especially during the holidays!

How to Get a Grandpa to Grow Up - DVD Cover

Watch How to Get a Grandpa to Grow Up and celebrate Grandpa — childish quirks and all!

How to Share a Grape

We all know that sharing is challenging enough for adults and even more complex for kids.

How to Share a Grape - DVD Cover

And trying to get your 2 year old to cheerfully share with his little brother or sister doesn’t always work so well. How to Share a Grape can help. It entertains while making the concept of sharing seem more fun for your little ones.

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Hi all and welcome to Super Fun World. In addition to being the home of Trisket and Bisket DVDs, you will also find helpful food preparation tips for young children, mentions of children’s products that we find particularly useful and fun, as well as a celebration of fun food places that enhance our Super Fun experience.

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